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Find Your Lost Dog

Lost Dog Resources

Call Everywhere

Use our integrated neighborhood map to find all of the nearest places you should call first; Notify them of your missing pet and learn if anybody has seen him/her. Keep calling.

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Neighborhood Map

Create a Flier; Print Hundreds

Post copies at park entrances, lamp posts, and anywhere else people frequent; Place fliers in mailboxes, car windshield wipers, and hand them out to anybody you pass by.

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Girl Found Her Dog

Pay it Forward

Sign up to be notified via direct contact if a pet goes missing in your neighborhood. We can email or text message you all of the available information as it comes into our network.

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About Us

Missing Hippo is an organization developed to find lost pets all across the world.

Every year millions of families become disconnected from their animal companions. By joining the Missing Hippo Network, we can all make an impact on rescuing lost dogs.

We provide content, tools, and a network of heroes anywhere in an effort to serve animal lovers everywhere.